Tuesday, July 7, 2009

this is it.........................what an exit

ohhh kay brothers nd sisters...i promised ma self i would not blog about this or talk about it either but am sorri i cant......i got home nd EREBODY in ma house was watchin d mj thingy nd i just loooked at all of them(in ma mind am like losers)so i go to ma room where i cant hear anything about the memorial and i start facebooking and all of a sudden erebody on ma friendlist(COMON B SMART U KNW I DNT RILI MEAN EREBODY)is talkin about him nd how he changed dia life(nd am like yea ryt like u wud av sed this if he was still alive)theres just something about nigerians celebrating people that are dead(meanyle wen dis people wer alive dey wer dissn dem nd making life miserable for them)EVEN PEREZHILTON(whose like d meanest person eva(was goin soft for mj)nd so i go offline next thing i knw ma mum comes nd is like AHN AHN R U NOT WATCHN MICHEALS MEMORIAL(she sounded like dey both went to primary school togeda nd soo i was obliged to watch it)nd am like MUMMY PLS DONT START(dt just got her startd nd shes like no come nd see dis nd dt)...i refused nd she went back rili sad(i was happy dt i dissapointed her)parents need that atimes ............2hours later i get online nd ma friend tells me d thing is over nd i finally come out of ma cave nd erebody is soo moody nd i pick d remote nd change d channel to skynews(nd i see them rounding up)OK ENUF OF DIS JOURNEY dt am tryn to take u guys on(bottomline is i ended up watchin it all over again in E)nd boy mj was it(u guys r proli sayin here we go again)i m not gonna say he was ma idol(oh i wanted to be like him ,he taut me how to dance nd blah blah)frankly mj dint teach most of us how to dance(cos remember in primary school there was only one boy ok mayb2 in ur class who could do d mj thing well d rest of us where just viewers)
truth b told he changed d way music was made.he was larger than life his actions could not be xplained(in death his even more famous)u think am lyn ask tmz(how much he got dem in revenue nd hits) buh he livd life to d extreme when he was nice nd kind(he was rili)when he was dingy(dt one sef dey).....funny thing is now dt his dead most people are now claiming his innocent(i am in no position to judge buh comon we all knw d truth)................was micheal happy with his life(we all knw he wasnt)cos after his death a rili different side came out(d pill poppin needle injectin side)i knw mjs fans would proli think am a BASTARD lookin for attention....call me wateva am just speakin ma mind..what i could make out of it all is no matter d money/fame /fortune u av.....nothing can feel d depth of real people around u(when i mean real people i dnt mean idiots who get payed to do what wud make u happy am also not talkin of friends who wud b scared to tell u d truth bcos they dont wanna piss u off)we all knw if micheal had people like dt around him(he proli wud still b here nd even if he was goin to die it wudnt b dis way)u dnt knw d effect of true friends untill one day u look around nd u cnt find demmmm.....deep down somewhere mj probably just wantd a friend dt wud fuckin yell at him nd tell him d truth buh der was no one..........sad sad storyyyyyyyy
as much as i dont want to type this buh mj had a way of gettin to all of us(i dnt mean he touched ma life or shaped ma childhood ohh pls CARTOON NETWORK DID DT FOR ME)buh der was an mj song for ere1.........i was lookin forward to d tour(most people r saying he couldnt have made it tru 50dates)only god knws.mj is d perfect example of how something sooo goood could go soo wrong..i cant believe i am still going on nd on(i probably wud hate my self later after posting dis nd seeing how long it is....MAYB if d beating by d media nd people around d world was less he could have still been here...frankly how much beating can a man take truth is almost all of us are guilty of that.we made jokes about his face,laughed when eminem did d spoofs nd all some people even had pictures of how bad his face had become blogs websites radio stations comedians (basically ere1 who had run out of jokes would just turn to micheal nd start bashing him nd dt wud become funny)sad to say some(if not all)i hope we are all happpy cos we all contributed in our own little way to his demise......he came nd left when d ovation was LOUDEST

btw how would aeg now pay d gbese(debt)he has put them into...i mean micheal couldnt just go like ereoda person nd soo he had to leave his mark(in his good deeds nd DEBT)

ok abeg am stopping here...CHILDREN d lesson learnt is what again.....urm urm urm watch what u say to peopleee(forget what they say about stick nd stones and words not hurting comon we all knw they do)

your brother from anoda mother


  1. True talk..........d dude wasnt even proud of his color.nd we kilin ourselves over wus personal life was crapy

  2. I dont think m getn ur point(dont call me slow)...cuz u say dis and den d next line ur sayin sumn else...oh well.."dats how u roll"...:)

  3. looooooooooooooooooooooool....ur not slow..truth be told i dint get ma self tooo buh if u check u wud see ma endinggg....micheal was loved he was hated buh no matter whateva he did u cant deny his effect on d world

  4. My views about this whole MJ thing still remains...
    if you were never a fan when he was alive
    you can't be a fan after he died
    that's fucking hypocrisy
    and I can't stand that...

    very good and long post...
    can I suggest a bigger font
    so I don't squint my eyes

  5. bubbles sorri abt d presentation of dpost(u knw am new to dis)nd as nigerians it takes us a longer period of time to master it soo puhlease bear with me...

    as for u nt being a fan when he was alive nd becomin a fan now(sad to say it can happen)for some people(not for me thou)cos now dt his dead u go thru his oldies nd listen(without havin d old peodophile image of him in ur head)nd then u just realize dt d guy was good