Wednesday, July 22, 2009


dear GOD,
praise be to you the most high i come here with a heavy heart.i thank you for making me go tru all i av gone thru and also tnk u for allown me have d best friends anyone cud ask for.i mean all i have friends who wud do anything for me.anything like get into PHYSICAL fights for me,put me before themselves,help me with school work,stick with me thru thick and thin and u knw how much trouble i get maself into soo u knw wha i mean.
today was one of the worst days of my life.......are u sayin what happened and y?am sure u aready knw buh oh well i wud remind close friend(d dark one who has rili done erething i mentioned to u for me in unilag)just lost his mum and am sure u already knw that.i am really surprised that you let this happen because your the all knowing God and you should know how much my friend loved his mum how she was his pillar his rock his everything you also know how he felt about his dad(u knw his dad ws not d bestinfact nt d kinda dad dt anybody shud have)buh u knw his mum was d WHY DID U ALLOW DIS HAPPEN TO HER WHY WASNT IT HIS DAD?you said we are not to question you so i am just going to let dt question slide without getting an answer.
hearing d news was hard but facing ma friend was harder you should have seen his face it was swollen his eyes wer red(GOD U KNW DS GUY IS GANGSTA SO Y SHUD U BREAK HIM INTO PIECES LIKE THIS)i am still not questionin you ohh....when i saw him d first thing i did was break into a smile(dt was d onli thing i cud think of )BUT GOD Y DO U ALWAYS ALLOW BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.u took four childrens joy pride and only source of love and put her in a place that they cant see her or touch her(they have to settle for feeling her presence)
GOD I HOPE UR STILL READING this (pls make sure u finish it ohh)taking away the people we love the most and leaving us with people we DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT.......the popular saying of GOD KNOWS BEST(well i cudnt dare use it)cos frankly how do u xplain to a 19 year old dt god knws bst about leaving him and his dad to take care of his 3little siblings i dont get.
he said the saddest part was she did not really get a chance to tell her children goodbye atleast you could have allowed her stay a little longer(enuf for her kids to say their goodbyes)funny how one minute we have someone with us and the next minute we lose them to DEATH DRUGS SICKNESS or they sometyms just walkaway on us just like that.
people always sayDEATH wer is thy STING(all i can say is r u guys FUCKIN CRAZY)loosing some1 u love isnt dt painful enuf yet u still have d mouth to say weres thy STING i can feel tears just cant stop coming(EGO AND CHARACTER ASIDE)how do u tell some1 who told u sixmonths ago that he dosnt knw how he wud live without his mother that things wud b alryt.
who would take whats left of the childrens shattered dreams,who wud b der to advice d daughters on love,who wud be there to give ma friend d PUSH and encouragement to still follow his i guess we look for the light in all of this one thing i am sure of is dt somewhere somehow u are watching this children and i KNW U WONT LET THEM SUFFER na d kind life wey dem dey live b4 dia mama die na im dem go continue to dey LIVE ohhh(u knw d plans she had for dem at dis moment ur d one dt wud have to fulfill it)
they say u wont give us a problem we cant handle and so i knw we wud wether this storm(hmmm dt one go take tym ohh)i say we cos my friends problem is mine also.

your son

p.s sorri if i dissapoint anyone again with dis post buh dis is just how i feel and so i hope u understand.....


  1. omg!!!! am actually in tears.....

  2. im so sori bout ur friend
    i cried lyk half way through bcuz iv bn askin God the same thing concernin my bf
    im not evn sure if hes evn dead yet cuz his bros wont answer me.and hsi dad died earlier this year too

    i kept on askin God y he dint take away the other douches i went out with or sumthn

    i guess God just needed his mom more
    evrythng happens 4 a reason

    i hope God comforts nd helps yr friend and his fam
    nd evn you

    cuz its not easy seeing a friend go thru so much pain

    peace nd luv

  3. urm tnx and the dreamer i guess u just ave to HOLD ON TO FAITH...keep an open mind be ready for anything good/bad but hope for d best.....ur nt alone der r many of us going thru rili crazy emotional ish .....

  4. OMG!!!
    i cant even imagine d pain ur frend's goin thru..its just not fair! :(
    I wish God could answer our questions,directly

  5. This hit close to home...reminds me of losin my own dad.
    It may seem impossible to get over now but somehow somehow the strength comes from where we can't tell to get through it.
    God never throws we can't handle at us.

  6. Ah shit jus realised I know who it is

  7. skinny legs its not who u think it is.i wrote dis first without realizn iya DAMZ had also passd onn....tnx thou

  8. wow this is really sad
    I'm sorry