Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kia kai or wateva it is called

urm this is ma first post(xcited)normally people tend to write something personal or somefin dt wud come of as rili cool nd bring more followers to dem(followers dts what they call it now)buh sorri i cnt b kisn ass here its either u want to read or u dont want to...ANYWAYS its like 6.40pm (NIGERIAN TYM)jus got back had a long day....ok it dint start well cos i woke up rili late(had an early morning appointment)i swear to god i am never early for anything i dont knw y..so am in traffic nd i cnt get y am always d last person stopd by d traffic lyt(ahnahn cnt d lyt fuckin get it dt am in a hurry)its only nigeria dt d traffic light reads 120seconds(yes ohh)infact u can comedown buy boli nd groundnut nd still make it b4 d stupid lyt goes green...i finally get to vi(by dis tym av cursed at almost 20poeple on d way)i go in do what i am supposed to do nd get out on ma way out i see people runnin am scared whats happunin(in ma mind am thinkin since when did armed robbers start robbin head offices in vi)i look closely nd then i see that d people runin are all TRADERS(EREBODY was runnin from mallams selling WRIGLEYS/to CITYPEOPLEVENDORS/GALA/FANYOGO/COKEFANTA/women selling food on d roadside...u should av seen them)me being me i see one of them run towards me nd am like BROS Y U DEY RUN(dude is panting nd says NA THOSE KAI PEOPLE DEY PURSUE US IF DEM CATCH PERSON NA U DEM GO TAKE CHOP DIS AFTERNOON DEM GO CARRY ALL UR MARKET)nd soo i am like wtf is kai(b4 i cud ask d dude he ran away)mayb ma spot wasnt safe enuf...i ask some1 else what kai is nd dey say it has to do with environmental dis nd dat...am like ok am up for a better nigerian buh u bannin street trading is just UNCALLED forrr...vertually half of nigeria buys one thing or the other from traffic ....i mean if not for go slow gala would be an unknown brand...besides dis is how dis people live....dts ma problem with lagos(NIGERIA as a whole)..they say they r changing nigeria for the better by doin all dis(fire thousands of people)meanyle dey dont have replacement jobs for them ohh.comon these people could be ur fada,ur moda,ur sister,ur broda even ur girlfriend.....nd to me it just feels like d government is doing things for the people but not thinking ABOUT THE PEOPLE...i mean how can u say ur trying to give me a better life by taking my source of income(yet u say i should not steal,yet u say ma son should not be a yahoo boy,u also tell ma daughter to stop prostitution......please nigerians lets have fallback plans before we act...........

...sori if dis is not what ur xpecting(music fashion nd all dem blah blah)
ok i know i av totally bored ur life out buh hey na me get ma blog.....i feel like going on nd on buh ama stop here nd mayb blog about something else..
to those people who took d tym to finish dis post(tnks alot)to d idiots who got tired(ohhh well ur not dt smart either so i dnt blame u)

p.s i curse a lot soo yall r just gonna deal/bear with me

i remain
your brother from anoda mother


  1. Ok wich 1 b kai again
    plsss dy shudn't send dem away wherelse wud i get gala n fanyogo.....
    Lmao @ u can go out buy boli and gnut
    Ds boy ur sumtn else plsssss dnt bring dat ur yeye mouth here ooo ehen am telln u

    Aniwoos Nyc blog and welcum 2 blogsville
    C me oo welcumn sum1 wen am nt ivn on it
    sha sha lemme allow members of blogsville 2 give u a proper welcome
    And make sure u give us ol d juicy details

  2. haha
    i like this.!!

    I agree with you doe
    banning people from trading on the streets
    is just senseless
    unless the government has replacement jobs for them
    if not we are going to have more and more poor people on the streets

  3. good blog...
    hope u come up with more interesting stuff 2 write about cuz dis is gonna be my other addiction :)....

  4. lol...i like this..i haven't read much bou nigeria in a while..
    and i agree with what you wrote bout..
    also hoarding can caus sme trouble..
    buh its also wah makes nigeria..nigeria

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