Sunday, October 11, 2009


hey wup yalll ...long tym....last tym i bloggd yall wer little kids now erebody is all grown up......hisssssss
since av been away alot of things have been hapunin and i cudnt give own two cents cos frankly ma internet has been fuckin me up like a bastard
for some reason whats supposed to be SUPERFAST internet is now slower than jessica simpsons brain asin d shit is soo slow i cnt blog but wen am on facebook and on twitter its supper fast.......eretym i go to dia office d bitch at d front desk SMILES at me and tells me shes soo sorri that its company fault and they wud be back in a day or 2..its been about a month or soooo..dont u just hate it when all dis shitty companies have rili CUTE AND NICE PEOPLE at dia front desk dt way u cant get mad
am sooo pissd becos dis is d second modem i am buyin in 3months(ahn ahn na wetin)cant a broda just get what he payd FOR...i am not askin for GRANT,WELFARE,freee HEALTHCARE all i am asking for is what i payed for internet....anyhusss m goin der tmrw to shout at d top of ma voice and scare new customers dt waydey wud sortma shit out....
i wrote dis after going on bubbes blog and i saw how she hates people who dont blog in a month or sooo...DAT GIRL EHNNN dnt u just want to stuff her in ur ghana must go and sit on it(LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRR)

i wrote dis rant listenin to if you dream by tyrese,toni braxton,tank ,jojo,faithevans,jordin sparks,omarion,steve russell,charlie wilson,tamar braxton
aite talk to u soonestHOPEFULLY

ur brother from anoda mother

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 female must haves

3 jimmy choo loop patent leather sandals 450 pounds...the colour combination and structuring =out of this world
2 christian louboutin sandals pink paquita 12o sandals.....520pounds
the colours sooo swit it shuda been in d PASTRY LINE valentino Couture patent leather pumps 580 pounds
this shoe just screams trouble and sex....dont complain if u wear it and u get raped i mean ders red and ders REDDDDDDDDD........soo simple yet soooo CHIC

Friday, August 21, 2009

help i am trying to find my way HOME

hey excuse me,HEY EXCUSE ME ,excuse me pls.....Y D FUCK IS NO ONE ANSWERIN ME
beeen at dis train station all day....i have not gone anywhere all day people av come here and in secs found dis connectin routes and goten to dia destination in no time but no i just cants seem to find a train thats supposed to take me to my DESTINATION.......
The people dt wer here earlier on wer a lot nicer....dey tried to help me find ma way all to no avail its either they wer talkin tooo FAST or i was listenin tooo slow either way we always got fed up of eachother and in no time i was left all alone.....
now am here willing to listen and be directed by people who KNOW but its rush hour and erebody is just on dia way am stranded once again......mosta d people i am seein here have messages written on dia fore heads.....first man i tried to ask had d DO I LOOK LIKE I AM ENJOYN MA JOB,,,,,,next lady HAD D OHH PLS JUST FUCK OFF LOOK ON HER FACE and most i cudnt even note dia facial expressions cos dey wer moving fast
ok i think i wud just call my family and ask them for help(OHHH SNAP I CANT)we are at logalheads i hate dem ATM and dey cant seem to get wats wrong with me........told dem i wont be needing dia help anytym soon and i dont plan on callin dem AD RADA die in dis station dan go bac HOME without getin to ma destination ....D SHAME OF FAILN WUD B HARD TO DEAL WITH IT....
how did i get here............i am some1 who erebody thinks is on top of his game i av ma life mapd out on a chart(from block a i go to block b spend a while there and then i move to d next stop)i just dont get it AM I LOST......i think so.....did i sleep off on this train and get off at d wrong stop....I THINK SOO..would i ever find my way bac...i hope soooo......
they say home is wer d heart is how come anytym am around family i feeel DIFFERENT come when am around friends i get come when am by ma self I GET LONELY..what could be wrong.......closefriends think i am gonna find ma way outta ma LOST ZONE(like i always)......i doubt getn rili impatient and am kickin things ...d STAFFS at d train station are watchn me (i think dey wud call d cops if i keep doing this)
what led me here come i am sooo miserable atm...dis is usually ma happiest route cos i knw am one step away from getn to ma DESTINATION....but today erething is different av gone thru ma patience so fast u wud think i was a drug addict goin thru ma trustfund................if only d people dt wer willn to help cud come back and help me find ma GOD OUT THERE(i knw he is)........i hope he sends me a helper soonest....cos i dont intend to leave dis station till i find ma train....NO AM NOT GONNA TAKE ALTERNATIVE ROUTEs neither am i gonna take d bus.............

yours sincerly
brother from another mother

i wrote this listenin to mika BLUE EYES.....this is d best i cud come up wit as an interpretation to ma state of MIND AT D MOMENT...............i slip in out of dis mode so u wud most def b getin more from ma journey

i av been off for about twenty sumthing days(welll i am not gonna appologise and say AWWW AM SORRI FOR NOT POSTIN ANYTHING)i am no poet and soo it takes me time to gather ma thoughts .....hopefully dts d longest ad b away

Friday, July 31, 2009

after the flood......what do i pick ,what do i leave behind

hey ...wts u doin...hope ur good sha
ok so today was ma friends mothers burial(friday d 31st thursday was d wakekeeping and that went well ereone was composed)so i got home at like 11 rili tired and all but i just cudnt sleep did d usual tossin and turnin dt one no work ,tried to play jams dt dint help either finally i slept at 4)....had to wake up at 7 cos d church service was at 10 ......on getting up wasted no tym in pickin what i wud wear(na burial no b fashion show)nd so i throw on black on black on black. look in ma mirror and say ........................(ma name)u got this ,no emotions u av to be strong for ur friend and his family.................i pick up 2 friends on d way nd we head out
1030 we are there(buh seriously e be like say dem take am swear for me i am just neva early always late even to a burial)church service goes as plan next thing we are walking d corpse to d point of no return(burial ground)nd den i feel ma eyes getin WATERY(bad gramma)i quickly lock up and hope nobody noticed it ven if dey did it was proli a fly dt did dt.......we get to d burial ground and all of a sudden ma friends dreams and his lil siblings uncertain future just flash before me and then the WIMP in me comes out nd it starts raining cats and dogs from ma
eyes.i DID NOT CRY OHH(water was just comin out)i dnt even knw
AT that point i seriously began to wonder what the measure of a man/woman rili was .she came into d world a loner and left a loner irrespective of d money,fame,wealth she had amersed......she left with nothinggg.....what a life...we come here empty and we spend our whole life tryn to fill our bags with fame and fortune thru legit/illegitimate means and we then leave empty handed
THIS death has touched me more dan anybodys(i av lost uncles aunties cousins and all)buh dis hit home to me cos when it happend i took it upon ma self to learn from it nd not let it be just anoda burial.when it happend i rallyd and cald almost all our friends and told them what had happend and told dem about d arrangements and kept callin them to remind them to make out tym to come and dts when d truth about friendship came out
ohh am sorri i dont do burials ohhhh,ahhh i am going to be busy on that day ohh,haaa ma car is faulty ohhh those wer some of d many excuses dis idiots we call friends gave me...i just cudnt believe it i mean this guy has DONE A LOT FOR ALMOST EREONE.his d kinda friend u wud call at d last minute and he wud still b der for u like u had told him all along.....this made me think?if it was me this people wud do d same to if ma moda or fada died all dis soo calld friends would leave me standing......
the truth about friendship is that most of d so called people we call friends are just passer bys in our lifes....they are there to rejoice with us when the road is smooth but when we are in need all we get is dia sympathy from a distance me thru friendship is hey friend we are in this together your problems are mine (vice versa)not hey friend i am rili busy as soon as am done i wud b der(d fools neva come ohh)...dia sometyms goodwilll messages stop workin and loyalty and love start workin.
i still cant believe it that this people dint come i am SOO MAD(but i am not showin it cos i dont want anyone to xplain and gimme any excuses)i am just gonna cut dem off one by one cos frankly whats d point of callin some1 your friend and sayin i have dis persons back nd all and when ur in trouble u look back and ders no 1 behind u.....i am CUTIN DOWN....reviewing d past and takin somefriendships with me and leaving a lot behind.....its betta i have 1,2,3,4(mayb 5real friends)dan trifling niggas and bitches who are just with me for the MOMENT

pls as u read dis d least u can do for me is look back at ur past and present friends.....wud all d people u call friends b der for u wen ur in neeed or wud they give one STUPID EXCUSE and leave u hanging .....wud they be there for u not just in calls and texts but in telling u d truth and defending u wether ur ryt or wrong in front of othersssssssss

am still not in a good mood thou sooo that myt xplain y ma thoughts are scattered and am just writng dis.hopefully tmrw ad b betta and make sense

i wrote this listenin to damien rice 9crimes

your brother from another mother

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GROUPIES(what happens when dey misbehave and OUT u in public)

hey wts gud.
OK so yday i am mindin ma business(as always)do d usual thing get on facebook,yahoo and msn and i am chatin wit all ma peoples and then ma roomie /closefriend tells me he cant believe how low lag babes can go and i say y what and then he sends me a link and i follow it but its d link to one GIRLs wall(note i dint say babe oh)and so i get there but shes not ma friend(cos i just wasnt keen on answerin her friend request)and i askd him y he said dt and he tells me she was fytn with a babe over a boy and i am like HEWOO and so i accept her request and then i follow d link and i get there and i cud not believe ma eyes........
ok so u knw now how u have that one person that drops dt good ish(am tlkin to both boys and girls)and u cant stop getn it and u also are not bold enuf to own up dt am DATING dis person cos d person is either below ur standard and people wud say u fuckd up or u dnt like dt person enuf to say i have a girlfriend or boyfriend.BUT ur still getn down with d person(HEY DONT LOOK AT ME we av all been der once)and u knw groupies can be soo annoyn with all em commitment ish by askin stupid questions like HEY WHAT AM I 2 U(u dnt xpect me to tell u d truth now and so i tell u welll I RILI LIKE U AND I WANT TO BE WITH U buh things r not just ryt now or mayb i rili like u and all buh i am a private person and soo lets keep it between us)comon he proli just said dis soo u can go ahead and give him d head or sex he wants(funnny thing is groupie sex is always mada dan normal sex cos u can do all u want say what u want and even ask for anything)....what now happens when ur groupis dosnt listen and starts tellin erebody dt HEY I AM DATING.....................ur proli gna b like jesus which kind yawa b dis.buh u deny it wen d groupie is not der buh wen shes around u start introducing her to a few of ur friends(it wud never b more dan five friends dt already knw ur fuckin her)
sooo ur groupie now thinks cos she gives u good sex dt ur automatically HERS and she starts showin erebody receipt sayin hey his mine hisssssss dt wont stop u from lookin for oda babes with A+ in d sex game and u start doin d new ones parols on d low (and den that mumu also fucks up and starts yanin people dt ds person is ma boyfriend ohh)u hear again and ur like god which kinda wahala b dis isnt der a babe dt wud just shut UP and take dt D like d pro she is(DRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)...what now happens when ur two groupies start fytn over u and d older groupie is claimn WIFEY and d new one is claiming GIRLFRIEND.....comon groupie na groupie............ask d WIFEY if he has eva gone public with d relationship and she wud start sayin ish like urm urm urm we r PRIVATE people and wen we tell people it wud spoil d whole thing....abeg tell dt lie to ma late grandmother
LADIES COMON U KNW WEN A GUY IS NOT INTO U JOR...HE TAKES U OUT ONLI AT NYT AND NEVER TAKES U TO JOINTS WER A LOT OF PEOPLE KNW HIM.......only ur friends knw him as ur boyfriend his female friends dont knw u and also most of his friends dont treat u like his girlfriend(dts cos BABY DUDE IS just fuckin d hell outta u).i rememba ona dis lag parties and dis chick has been teln ereone dt shes datin dis guy(whose like ona d organisers of d party)we get to d party and dis babe is by her self vertually thru out d whole thing(seee standup)asin she dint knw wen she startd dancing with ordinary boys(meanyle her bf is suppose to b oga ohh)dude left her and was dancing with HOTTER BABES
anyways i wasnt gonna blog about this till ona d babes involved in d BOY IS MINE thingy startd chatin shit to me and teln me to stop jumpn into conclusion and alllllllll.....BABE both of u r his sideline chicks............u guys r both holding on to a rope dt no1 is holding at d oda end sooo pls stop teln peeps u av a boyfriend ma dear ur dating ur self.

lesson of d day......SEX OR MATERIAL THINGS WONT KEEP A GIRL/BOY......cut ur coat according to ur size if he/she is rili in love wit u...dey wud show u off proudly.if something is tooo good to be true then it ISNT

yours sincerly
your brother from anoda mother

i wrote this listenin to RICK ROSS ft d DREAM all i really want is u

p.s i have 2wakekeepings and 2burials both on d same day dis week.....soo my next post is most def gonna b a sad one cos am goin to ma friends mothers burial and soo i am FADING TO BLACK MODE.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


dear GOD,
praise be to you the most high i come here with a heavy heart.i thank you for making me go tru all i av gone thru and also tnk u for allown me have d best friends anyone cud ask for.i mean all i have friends who wud do anything for me.anything like get into PHYSICAL fights for me,put me before themselves,help me with school work,stick with me thru thick and thin and u knw how much trouble i get maself into soo u knw wha i mean.
today was one of the worst days of my life.......are u sayin what happened and y?am sure u aready knw buh oh well i wud remind close friend(d dark one who has rili done erething i mentioned to u for me in unilag)just lost his mum and am sure u already knw that.i am really surprised that you let this happen because your the all knowing God and you should know how much my friend loved his mum how she was his pillar his rock his everything you also know how he felt about his dad(u knw his dad ws not d bestinfact nt d kinda dad dt anybody shud have)buh u knw his mum was d WHY DID U ALLOW DIS HAPPEN TO HER WHY WASNT IT HIS DAD?you said we are not to question you so i am just going to let dt question slide without getting an answer.
hearing d news was hard but facing ma friend was harder you should have seen his face it was swollen his eyes wer red(GOD U KNW DS GUY IS GANGSTA SO Y SHUD U BREAK HIM INTO PIECES LIKE THIS)i am still not questionin you ohh....when i saw him d first thing i did was break into a smile(dt was d onli thing i cud think of )BUT GOD Y DO U ALWAYS ALLOW BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.u took four childrens joy pride and only source of love and put her in a place that they cant see her or touch her(they have to settle for feeling her presence)
GOD I HOPE UR STILL READING this (pls make sure u finish it ohh)taking away the people we love the most and leaving us with people we DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT.......the popular saying of GOD KNOWS BEST(well i cudnt dare use it)cos frankly how do u xplain to a 19 year old dt god knws bst about leaving him and his dad to take care of his 3little siblings i dont get.
he said the saddest part was she did not really get a chance to tell her children goodbye atleast you could have allowed her stay a little longer(enuf for her kids to say their goodbyes)funny how one minute we have someone with us and the next minute we lose them to DEATH DRUGS SICKNESS or they sometyms just walkaway on us just like that.
people always sayDEATH wer is thy STING(all i can say is r u guys FUCKIN CRAZY)loosing some1 u love isnt dt painful enuf yet u still have d mouth to say weres thy STING i can feel tears just cant stop coming(EGO AND CHARACTER ASIDE)how do u tell some1 who told u sixmonths ago that he dosnt knw how he wud live without his mother that things wud b alryt.
who would take whats left of the childrens shattered dreams,who wud b der to advice d daughters on love,who wud be there to give ma friend d PUSH and encouragement to still follow his i guess we look for the light in all of this one thing i am sure of is dt somewhere somehow u are watching this children and i KNW U WONT LET THEM SUFFER na d kind life wey dem dey live b4 dia mama die na im dem go continue to dey LIVE ohhh(u knw d plans she had for dem at dis moment ur d one dt wud have to fulfill it)
they say u wont give us a problem we cant handle and so i knw we wud wether this storm(hmmm dt one go take tym ohh)i say we cos my friends problem is mine also.

your son

p.s sorri if i dissapoint anyone again with dis post buh dis is just how i feel and so i hope u understand.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

really coool stufff

if KANYE dosnt kill u with this i dont knw what else will ohhh

cazal 623.this wud set u nd ur family back at about 1214 dollars

the ideal weekend bag


this baby(gshock wud set u back 2995dollars)DAMN

tired of d regular lious vuitton then dis is 4 u(nd me).......note d similarity with d leather and a soccer ball

am sure some peeps wud hve expectd d usual story teln buh dis is anoda sideof me nd soo a gone be showing things i like nd LOOKS DT I THINK R COOL(did hear u you say wat if we dnt like it)HEY NA ME GET MA BLOG OHHH

your brother frm anoda mother