Saturday, July 18, 2009

uniLAG uniLAG ohh GOD they are coming to unilag

yo yo yo yo yooo.whass gud hall ma peoples(allow me i av been watchn 2 much of naija rap nd sooo its affecting me)welll its been a minute yea av been rili busy(DOING NOTHING RILI)
i took tym off from ma busy schedule(of waking up watching tv going bac to bed)and i went to sch to chill with friends.i am not gonna do dt long story of telin u what and what we did cos FRANKLY i dont have d tym.
well on thursday at like 1120 we are driving bac into school and we pass the unilag multi purpose hall and i see lights and people(am like ohh ok mayb a vigil or preparations for a wedding )buh wen i look closer i see laptops(lots of them) and i am just not one person dt would see stuffs and go no i must knw whats happenin(its a bad habit buh i just cnt stop it)sooo i park come down and walk there with ma SIDEKICK/CLOSEFRIEND on getting there i do the usual abeg whats happening and then they say ohh its POST UME and i am like HOLY SHIT which kind exam dem dey ryt at me and ma friend(obviously nt havn anything to do)decide to stick a little longer and then we see mothers(lots of them and mayb 3 or 4 fathers)waiting xpectantly for their children and we wer like the odd ones out and so i tell ma friend lets act like we are waiting for our junior brother/sister whose writing the exam.tired of staying outside cos d view wasnt great we decide to pretend like we are students who wrote the exam(funny thing is some people started writing at like 1130)EXCUSE me ohh d 11 am talking of is not d morning own(cos i knw some mumus wud start askin ).well we get into d compound ohh(nt d hall)nd we still see parents siting down standing and some praying for dia children all i kept saying to my self was this is BS.well we finally get to d door of d hall (we dint enter)we seee laptops alot and i am like ok nice one for d first tym unilag tried and then i look around most of the people in d hall DID NOT KNW HOW TO USE PCS(so d exam dt was supposed to run for 1 hour went on for 3hours)cos dey spent like 2hours teaching dis people how to use computers(d security nd staffs kept lamenting about how nigerians are soo dumb dt dey cnt use pc and i lookd at d security dt was saying dis and said if ur soo smart y r u now a security OF COS I DINT SAY DIS OUTLOUD i said it in ma like twelve30 d final batch leaves d hall but they dont have anywhere to go because the school gate has been closed and frankly most of them have no where to go at dt tym and so they opened d second multipurpose hall for the people to and ma friend feeling like journalist decided to go into d hall and for once i taut i was in d refugee camp of a natural disaster(SEE PARENTS SLEEPING ON D FLOOR,ON CHAIRS,ON TABLES)in ma mind i kept asking ma self do my parents love me enuf to do dis for me(hahahahaha ur guess is as good as mine)d sight was just soo painfull.i tried to take a picture and then this dudes came up to me and had dis look OYA SNAP DT PICTURE AND WATCH US BREAK UR FACE(so i just mellowd ohh before dis niggas pass dia frustration on me).some started fyting for white chairs dt dey wud arrange togeda and it wud magically turn into a bed.i overheard most of dem sayin nooo DIS IS MA OWN I ARRANGED DEM MA SELF)
i cudnt believe what i was seein i kept calling all ma friends to tell dem what was happenin dey cudnt believe also buh what hurt d most was dt der wer hundreds of parents there dt nyt and d sad part is that only aboout 10percent of the people who wrote d exams wud be givn admission....what now happens to d rest because u cud see the dreams of the children in d parents eyes(some mothers stood thru out while dia wards wrote the exam)all i cud say was NIGERIAN EDU SYSTEM IS FUCKED.......some of the people who wont get admission would try again,become robbers,become wack musicians,HACTORS and hactresss.......soo those of u in other schools please behave ohh and dont get kickd out cos if u do u myt just end up in UNILAG(trust me u dont want dt).........................

your brother from another mother

i wrote this while listenin to Mjs morphine


  1. LMAO.!!!
    omg for reals.!!!
    that is so fucked up
    how can you make students take an examination
    if they cannot use a damn P.C!!!
    that is messed up
    and sleeping the hall?
    on chairs??!!!
    that is not the life.!

  2. OMG!!!!
    i dont even know wot 2 say...

  3. bubbles well now u knw how we do it over here in UNILAG sooo betta behave or else UR FOLKS WUD BRING U BAC(dt wud b hell

    temi shut up .u went to qc so dis kinda ish shudnt suprise u

  4. rotflmao...
    i went 2 qc but we neva had exams wiv parents sleepn on white chairs over-night...dat aint jus right!!!

  5. best friend told me about this...his uncle and his friends aunty wer also writin jamb
    i even herd they wer not allowed to take in their wallets so lots of people lost their money

  6. lmfao @ ppl sleepin on chair

    nd abeggg
    qc was hard...but not up 2 dah degree

    wah kinda suffer head is dahh

    unilag is just sumthn else


  7. when i saw them in scul, the waitin crowd nd al dat shit, i was lyk wtf? is it by 4ce, if we dnt have an enabling society must they try stuff that won't work?