Monday, July 13, 2009

subsitute LOVER

goood day ,how r u.hows the family,hope erething is goood sha(d parents r still being rili imatured and soo i am not even in that mood)lmao
so am talking to a very dear friend of mine who just got out of a long relationship(a year 5months)did i hear u say dts not dt long well in d world we live in dts like forever..anyways they wer rili in love nd it came off as d perfect love story(scratch that)it was far from perfect...d dude was her boyfriend/sidekick/bodyguard/bestfriend/brother/playmate..she dint see anything wrong with that but comon WE ALL KNW DT ITS SOOO WRONG(i mean ur boyfriend is supposed to be ur erething buh dt dosnt mean he wud b ur erething in d real sense)i av always said it when ur partner becomes dt den ders a problem(dis boy is always with hereretym no1 else can see her without d boys she always had a smile on her face nd so am like hmmm ders something wrong buh since dis chick is smiln WETIN CONSINE ME.........a month ago i askd er about him nd shes like dey just broke up nd am like haaaaaa wat hapund(deep DOWN I WAS HAPPY)and then she goes on to reveal how bad d relationship was nd how jealous d guy was(in ma mind i was like EHEN I SAW THIS COMING)so she tells me she has a new boy(d way people rebound ehn its soo funny )turns out he looks like me and his a friend of mine(did i hear u say den he must be rili HOT)well tenx
so am like oh cool tread carefully ohhh and then me nd her new boy start talkin and he tells me how much he rili likes her nd is soo sincere about it(and am like ohhhkay mayb dis is for real)and i close d book on dia love nd put it in d happly ever after section.....
so today me nd her r gistin as usual nd den she drops a bbbbbooommmmmbbbbbb(HEY i dnt tink i like him as much as he likes me)am like dts ok its not a problem and then the mumu says(I AM NOT EVEN DT MUCH INTO HIM AS HE IS INTO ME)nd am like ok u guys still av a lot to work on next thing she says is I THINK I AM USING HIM TO GET OVER MA EX...and then i say ohh noooooo........
y do we always think its cool to use people to get over people(am guilty of that)d funni thing is the people we always do this to are nice sincere people that we could have something real see boys out there whose main occupation is fuckin juvies and young girls who truly have filns for them and ur like arrrghhh BOYS R DOGS(he has probably been heartbroken before )sometimes we r quick to label people without tryn to find out what journey they embarked on that landed them in their present one is rili born mean or heartless(sometimes circumstances around us make us dt way).........imagine how dis friend of mine wud feel when d chick wud telll him I AM SORRY BUT I AM NOT JUST DT INTO U(he wud proli say ohh is dt what u want and when she says yes he wud be like ohh cool am ok and he wud either walk away or hang up)and then BEYONCE starts singing HE GOTTA BIG EGOOO SUCH A HUGE EGO....and then she say he took it welll wow(wtf wer u xpecting him to do start cryn like a sissy)hell no he wont......this issue has been overflogged before puhlease be careful how u hurt people cos dis myt b happunin to ur close friends and family in d future.just cos u wer hurt or in a bad relationship dt dosnt mean u shud suffer anoda person who dint put u in dt postion cos i feel u saw d signs of d relationship been a complete waste of tym buh u stayd hoppin dey wud change(funni thing is am d kinda person dt wud do dis kinda shhit to some1)....i am in d process of talkin d BITCH INTO RILI GETN TO KNW D GUY AND WHO KNWS HE MYT NOT A REBOUND GUY AFTERALLL(keepin ma fingers crossed)

your brother from another mother

p.s i wrote this listenin to lil flip sunshine soo if u dont like dis post BLAME HIM NOT ME


  1. very nice, my sister had the same problem, but i'm wondering why the boy wld allow himself to be used...or whoz usin who? ur frend or the rebound?

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  3. its not fair...
    when d guy turns in2 a "dog"...ppl wont know wot he's been thru.

    talk 2 ur frend...she might be makin the biggest mistake of her life.

  4. lol...i hate jealous guys eh...ewww!!