Sunday, July 12, 2009

is it me or do PARENTS always act like KIDS.hisssss

.........................................................(theres supposed to an introduction or greeting of some sort buh i am rili not in d mood so anybody xpecting a greeting can just FUCK off)
its sunday in nigeria(nd am pretty sure erewer in d world)i wake up late(as usual)and its raining(i spend about an hour wondering y my girlfriend or agyness deyn is not by side on a very cold morning)ok finally i drag my self outta bed(m d kinda idiot dt wakes up nd spends anoda one hour in bed thinkn about ma life)have my bath dress up and prepare for church so am redi to go nd i see larry king come on(look its mjs doctor nd i listen for a few minutes(45infact)by d tym am done its like 11.10 and d service starts at 10 a 2hour30minutes service....hurrry and get to church service is on buh preaching is over(i dnt miss it on purpose)ok am sure u guys r tired of all dis(i am also tired lemme just go str8 to d point) home now and i am watching NAIJA SINGS not bad atol(buh y d hell wud u make sasha a judge on a SINGING COMPETITION)i dnt get its just like having d GAME on AMERICAN IDOL(hisssss)everything is coool d parents come in and i can just feel it in d air that d devil is either inside this people or around them nd soo am chilln(cos ders no way i wud allow d devil tempt me)first thing dey say is did u go to church(yes is ma ansa)next jamb question what tym(nd am like ohh god not again)nd ma dad/rival is like what did u say (i dnt even ansa him)i keep ma peace as d bible says nd walk to my room(as perez would say VIO LENCE IS NOT AN ANSA)lol....dis man follows me nd starts ranting about how unreligious i am(meanyle deep down we both knw i am more religious dan him....we both knw his a pretender......his only doin all dis things so ma mum wont kill still keep quite pick a book(dt i av read like 2tyms and pretend to be reading )next u knw dis guy comes nd snatches ma book(omg he did not just doo dat..if it wer to b in d 60s god knws i wud av commited murder)soo am sayin to ma self calm down calm down he wud soon fade away.(dt was what i taut)next thing i knw MARGARET THATCHER comes in an joins in d SHOUTING RAVE(belive me i am a mad man ohh buh trust me their madness combined was tooo much for me to handle nd i lookd around for help from ma family members nd dey all chickend out)and soo i am sitn here wondering i am d only ONE WITH CRAZY PARENTs,AM I D ONLY WITH PARENTS WHO GO ND ON,AM I D ONLY ONE WITH PARENTS WHO THINK DEY CAN SNOP AROUND ON U,AM I D ONLY WITH PARENTS WHO R NOT COOL(i mean i used to be ona d people who used to say ah ma dad is old school buh ma mum is coool buh trust me dey r all d same nd soo am getn er off ma cool list she dosnt deserve it)WHAT SADDENS ME IS DT DIS OLD PEOPLE(hissss always think dey knw what ur doing GOOD or BAD meanyle dey dont av an idea)


your brother from anoda mother


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  2. lmfao..rotflmaoo..
    UR INSANE!!!

  3. lmfao!!!!!
    trust me iv seen worse
    u cn lyk 2 let them know wah it is

    the hoghest they;ll do is vex nd not talk 2 u 4 lyk how long

    "do unto others as uwant other to do unto u" init


  4. trust me... i hav such in d same house miv me so ur not alone