Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GROUPIES(what happens when dey misbehave and OUT u in public)

hey wts gud.
OK so yday i am mindin ma business(as always)do d usual thing get on facebook,yahoo and msn and i am chatin wit all ma peoples and then ma roomie /closefriend tells me he cant believe how low lag babes can go and i say y what and then he sends me a link and i follow it but its d link to one GIRLs wall(note i dint say babe oh)and so i get there but shes not ma friend(cos i just wasnt keen on answerin her friend request)and i askd him y he said dt and he tells me she was fytn with a babe over a boy and i am like HEWOO and so i accept her request and then i follow d link and i get there and i cud not believe ma eyes........
ok so u knw now how u have that one person that drops dt good ish(am tlkin to both boys and girls)and u cant stop getn it and u also are not bold enuf to own up dt am DATING dis person cos d person is either below ur standard and people wud say u fuckd up or u dnt like dt person enuf to say i have a girlfriend or boyfriend.BUT ur still getn down with d person(HEY DONT LOOK AT ME we av all been der once)and u knw groupies can be soo annoyn with all em commitment ish by askin stupid questions like HEY WHAT AM I 2 U(u dnt xpect me to tell u d truth now and so i tell u welll I RILI LIKE U AND I WANT TO BE WITH U buh things r not just ryt now or mayb i rili like u and all buh i am a private person and soo lets keep it between us)comon he proli just said dis soo u can go ahead and give him d head or sex he wants(funnny thing is groupie sex is always mada dan normal sex cos u can do all u want say what u want and even ask for anything)....what now happens when ur groupis dosnt listen and starts tellin erebody dt HEY I AM DATING.....................ur proli gna b like jesus which kind yawa b dis.buh u deny it wen d groupie is not der buh wen shes around u start introducing her to a few of ur friends(it wud never b more dan five friends dt already knw ur fuckin her)
sooo ur groupie now thinks cos she gives u good sex dt ur automatically HERS and she starts showin erebody receipt sayin hey his mine hisssssss dt wont stop u from lookin for oda babes with A+ in d sex game and u start doin d new ones parols on d low (and den that mumu also fucks up and starts yanin people dt ds person is ma boyfriend ohh)u hear again and ur like god which kinda wahala b dis isnt der a babe dt wud just shut UP and take dt D like d pro she is(DRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)...what now happens when ur two groupies start fytn over u and d older groupie is claimn WIFEY and d new one is claiming GIRLFRIEND.....comon groupie na groupie............ask d WIFEY if he has eva gone public with d relationship and she wud start sayin ish like urm urm urm we r PRIVATE people and wen we tell people it wud spoil d whole thing....abeg tell dt lie to ma late grandmother
LADIES COMON U KNW WEN A GUY IS NOT INTO U JOR...HE TAKES U OUT ONLI AT NYT AND NEVER TAKES U TO JOINTS WER A LOT OF PEOPLE KNW HIM.......only ur friends knw him as ur boyfriend his female friends dont knw u and also most of his friends dont treat u like his girlfriend(dts cos BABY DUDE IS just fuckin d hell outta u).i rememba ona dis lag parties and dis chick has been teln ereone dt shes datin dis guy(whose like ona d organisers of d party)we get to d party and dis babe is by her self vertually thru out d whole thing(seee standup)asin she dint knw wen she startd dancing with ordinary boys(meanyle her bf is suppose to b oga ohh)dude left her and was dancing with HOTTER BABES
anyways i wasnt gonna blog about this till ona d babes involved in d BOY IS MINE thingy startd chatin shit to me and teln me to stop jumpn into conclusion and alllllllll.....BABE both of u r his sideline chicks............u guys r both holding on to a rope dt no1 is holding at d oda end sooo pls stop teln peeps u av a boyfriend ma dear ur dating ur self.

lesson of d day......SEX OR MATERIAL THINGS WONT KEEP A GIRL/BOY......cut ur coat according to ur size if he/she is rili in love wit u...dey wud show u off proudly.if something is tooo good to be true then it ISNT

yours sincerly
your brother from anoda mother

i wrote this listenin to RICK ROSS ft d DREAM all i really want is u

p.s i have 2wakekeepings and 2burials both on d same day dis week.....soo my next post is most def gonna b a sad one cos am goin to ma friends mothers burial and soo i am FADING TO BLACK MODE.


  1. I was going to put 'LOL'
    but then I read your 'p.s' and decided against it
    in case my friend already gave me the gist of this your blog post and I was very pissed off
    it's bad enough the babe is a side line chic
    but then to now start making noise about it
    just makes matters worse.!

  2. loool dts d funi part cos 2 me nd almost ereone else both of dem r d same(its just dt one is a senior groupie and d oda s d newbie groupie)lol ok nw am sayn nonsense

    buh sha u knw how u babes R u never learn until d guys dump u people nd den UNA EYE GO CON CLEAR

  3. *shm* This is actually soo true. Your points are on point.Guys are bastardsss...enuf said..lol.

    P.s- Two wakekeepings and two burials...thats serious oh, may their souls rest in perfect peace.

  4. heehee
    gosh groupies r just sad init

    its terrible dah length at which sum bbz go just 2 get a "Lag" guy
    im lyk soo disappointed ehnn

    btw sori bout d buriali ish


  5. let me say, guys are so fucked up. but then the girls who let themselves be used too r just equally dumb. woreva.
    two burials, thats sum sad stuff. eeyah

  6. LOL
    You just put the business out there haha!
    We totally have the same Sneakers!!

  7. And here I was thinking it was behind d times for girls to fight over boys talkless of on facebook for errone to see ahn ahn and d stupid part is everyone will now say d guy is a bad guy.
    How blind do the girls have to be *hisssss

  8. d guy cant feel like a badGUY cos dey r not d kinda babes dt u b happy dt dey r fytn for u...u get.........besides most correct babes wont fyt over a guy

  9. Dude mehn u are so ryt about the groupies UGH...

    Really why don't CERTAIN girls jus get it?!

    Okaaaay hold up the dude u mentioned at that lag party u mentioned....either that was James.Xs or ME...weird!!!! Do I know ya dude? Glad to have found another lag person on blogville!!! interesting!

  10. whoa! sounds lyk u're takin it personal...lol...gud points sha...

    btw i hrd ths gist too buh frm a TOTALLY diff angle that sounds mor believable..:)

  11. chari....dnt knw wat to make of ur comment buh if i wantd to name names dont u tnk i wud av done dt..............its not ma duty to out anybody.lol.tnx thou

    a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl..theres always two sides to a story...u dont av to believe mine am not here to gather followers with ma stories am just here to speak ma mind......u erd d gist(u dint see d mess on d wall post)did u

  12. a hopelessy clueless teenage gurl.....urm i just went on ur blog i cudnt comment cos d comment thingy wasnt enabled....but ur post was sorta one sided can i ask u a question...R U IN ANYWAY RELATED TO ONE OF D BABES IN QUESTION.....b truthful cos i think u r