Friday, August 28, 2009

3 female must haves

3 jimmy choo loop patent leather sandals 450 pounds...the colour combination and structuring =out of this world
2 christian louboutin sandals pink paquita 12o sandals.....520pounds
the colours sooo swit it shuda been in d PASTRY LINE valentino Couture patent leather pumps 580 pounds
this shoe just screams trouble and sex....dont complain if u wear it and u get raped i mean ders red and ders REDDDDDDDDD........soo simple yet soooo CHIC

Friday, August 21, 2009

help i am trying to find my way HOME

hey excuse me,HEY EXCUSE ME ,excuse me pls.....Y D FUCK IS NO ONE ANSWERIN ME
beeen at dis train station all day....i have not gone anywhere all day people av come here and in secs found dis connectin routes and goten to dia destination in no time but no i just cants seem to find a train thats supposed to take me to my DESTINATION.......
The people dt wer here earlier on wer a lot nicer....dey tried to help me find ma way all to no avail its either they wer talkin tooo FAST or i was listenin tooo slow either way we always got fed up of eachother and in no time i was left all alone.....
now am here willing to listen and be directed by people who KNOW but its rush hour and erebody is just on dia way am stranded once again......mosta d people i am seein here have messages written on dia fore heads.....first man i tried to ask had d DO I LOOK LIKE I AM ENJOYN MA JOB,,,,,,next lady HAD D OHH PLS JUST FUCK OFF LOOK ON HER FACE and most i cudnt even note dia facial expressions cos dey wer moving fast
ok i think i wud just call my family and ask them for help(OHHH SNAP I CANT)we are at logalheads i hate dem ATM and dey cant seem to get wats wrong with me........told dem i wont be needing dia help anytym soon and i dont plan on callin dem AD RADA die in dis station dan go bac HOME without getin to ma destination ....D SHAME OF FAILN WUD B HARD TO DEAL WITH IT....
how did i get here............i am some1 who erebody thinks is on top of his game i av ma life mapd out on a chart(from block a i go to block b spend a while there and then i move to d next stop)i just dont get it AM I LOST......i think so.....did i sleep off on this train and get off at d wrong stop....I THINK SOO..would i ever find my way bac...i hope soooo......
they say home is wer d heart is how come anytym am around family i feeel DIFFERENT come when am around friends i get come when am by ma self I GET LONELY..what could be wrong.......closefriends think i am gonna find ma way outta ma LOST ZONE(like i always)......i doubt getn rili impatient and am kickin things ...d STAFFS at d train station are watchn me (i think dey wud call d cops if i keep doing this)
what led me here come i am sooo miserable atm...dis is usually ma happiest route cos i knw am one step away from getn to ma DESTINATION....but today erething is different av gone thru ma patience so fast u wud think i was a drug addict goin thru ma trustfund................if only d people dt wer willn to help cud come back and help me find ma GOD OUT THERE(i knw he is)........i hope he sends me a helper soonest....cos i dont intend to leave dis station till i find ma train....NO AM NOT GONNA TAKE ALTERNATIVE ROUTEs neither am i gonna take d bus.............

yours sincerly
brother from another mother

i wrote this listenin to mika BLUE EYES.....this is d best i cud come up wit as an interpretation to ma state of MIND AT D MOMENT...............i slip in out of dis mode so u wud most def b getin more from ma journey

i av been off for about twenty sumthing days(welll i am not gonna appologise and say AWWW AM SORRI FOR NOT POSTIN ANYTHING)i am no poet and soo it takes me time to gather ma thoughts .....hopefully dts d longest ad b away