Sunday, October 11, 2009


hey wup yalll ...long tym....last tym i bloggd yall wer little kids now erebody is all grown up......hisssssss
since av been away alot of things have been hapunin and i cudnt give own two cents cos frankly ma internet has been fuckin me up like a bastard
for some reason whats supposed to be SUPERFAST internet is now slower than jessica simpsons brain asin d shit is soo slow i cnt blog but wen am on facebook and on twitter its supper fast.......eretym i go to dia office d bitch at d front desk SMILES at me and tells me shes soo sorri that its company fault and they wud be back in a day or 2..its been about a month or soooo..dont u just hate it when all dis shitty companies have rili CUTE AND NICE PEOPLE at dia front desk dt way u cant get mad
am sooo pissd becos dis is d second modem i am buyin in 3months(ahn ahn na wetin)cant a broda just get what he payd FOR...i am not askin for GRANT,WELFARE,freee HEALTHCARE all i am asking for is what i payed for internet....anyhusss m goin der tmrw to shout at d top of ma voice and scare new customers dt waydey wud sortma shit out....
i wrote dis after going on bubbes blog and i saw how she hates people who dont blog in a month or sooo...DAT GIRL EHNNN dnt u just want to stuff her in ur ghana must go and sit on it(LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRR)

i wrote dis rant listenin to if you dream by tyrese,toni braxton,tank ,jojo,faithevans,jordin sparks,omarion,steve russell,charlie wilson,tamar braxton
aite talk to u soonestHOPEFULLY

ur brother from anoda mother


  1. loooool....bubbles part was the funniest. looooool poor bubbles.

  2. lollllll, this dude!
    put bubbles in gh must go loooolllll

  3. Loool !! Dude yo mean.. Nice track man *left* *right*

  4. Dude....I think you need to get your facts straight before you make grave accusations...I'll take it that you made a mistake with the utterance......I am a mere commenter who was brave enough to comment with a real profile...Double check it and make amends asap